Friday, October 19, 2012

New guidelines to regulate re-entry to overseas jobs through individual channel

KATHMANDU, Oct 9: The government has initiated the process to regulate the re-entry of overseas job returnees, who so far have been arranging jobs through individual channels, to foreign workplaces.

The Department of Foreign Employment - the authorized agency to issue approval for work permit for foreign employment -- has prepared a set of guidelines to make the employment of Nepali youths in foreign land more secure. The guidelines have provision for re-entry in 14 different categories,

“We have formulated the new provisions, including introduction of additional documents and recommendations of Nepali missions abroad, to end confusion among overseas job returnees aspiring to leave again for overseas jobs,” Purna Chandra Bhattarai, director general of DoFE told Republica, on Tuesday.

The guidelines have prescribed separate formats for those who want to enter foreign destinations with or without securing government permission and those who want to work with the same company or change the company or change the country.

Similarly, the guidelines also facilitates women below 30 years who want to leave for Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) again to work as house maid with the previous employers or with new employers. “However, women, who want to make re-entry to Kuwait, must produce recommendation of Nepali mission there,” he added.

The guidelines has also specified re-entry procedures for overseas returnees, who left for foreign jobs without seeking government permission, interested to work in ship/cruise of the same country, or those interested to work in the same company.

“Though some of the provisions in the guidelines have already been brought into practice, there had been confusion about the re-entry process among workers and even officials at the DoFE. This guideline will simplify the process,” added Bhattarai.

The guideline has also eased the process for overseas returnees interested to work in different companies in another country. In addition to normal documents, we have made it mandatory to workers to show the recommendation of Nepali embassies in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwait for the re-entry to the respective companies, said Bhattarai.

Similarly, the guidelines also regulate the re-entry of people, who have worked for UN agencies and security companies in Afghanistan without seeking government´s approval. Afghanistan returnees can seek government´s approval to re-enter the country by producing recommendation or work experience letter issued by their employers.

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